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May 19, 2015

Mother's Day

Disney with the family 2014
My late brother Jim and my Mom
Mother's Day Makeup with Maggie

This past  Mother’s Day I worked doing makeup on ten models for a competition they needed photographs for. Having three daughters we usually spend the day together going to lunch and doing something fun but they too were working. After the death of my brother four years ago I wanted to be there more for my Mom than I needed  to be honored for being a Mom.

I love extending my Birthday basically all of June so why not celebrates Mother’s Day a few days as well?  So my Mom and I shared a beautiful lunch out  the Saturday  before and then I had time with my kids on Mother’s Day where I received beautiful gifts made and bought that just made me cry happy tears.

For Mom’s out there you know how it is you might preach, harp and nag to get your kids to hear you out or help them in their life and think they might never get it. Then one day you see these little souls are bigger and they are getting it.  They make you proud in all they do and accomplish.

Ever since I had my kids I worked part time I was lucky to have such a supportive force of family to help me with my kids so I could still be me. My kids are strong little women and I have no worries that one day they will make great Mother’s.  

I also thank my Mom Judy for giving me advice, love and supporting my ideas all these years. My best advice to new Mom’s, you don’t need to be Wonder Women to be a Mom.  You also don’t need to lose yourself while being a Mom because your kids won’t forget you while you’re away at work. Keep in mind one day they grow up and move out and you need to have a life and a career. 

May 5, 2015

Kevin Love

Back in November like many people I became a victim to the stomach flu that had me out sick for a week.  I was feeling better just in time to do a shoot with Kevin Love from the Cleveland Cavilers. I was pretty excited to meet this new solid addition to the CAVS. Kevin was going to be on the cover of STACK magazine dedicated to sports fitness.

The crew was asked to arrive around lunch time so after the teams practice the shoot could start. We sat in the media room after setting up and discussed all of our Thanksgiving plans while waiting.  It was three hours before Kevin came in to meet us. When he walked in the room I was amazed how tall he was but considering my height most people tower over me.  After introductions were all done Kevin headed to change into his uniform then I proceed to groom him for the shoot.

As I applied powder the editor of Stack gave Kevin some information about the shoot. After he was already it was onto the set where Eric Mull would take the photos. Kevin practices yoga so some of the photos consisted of yoga poses which added some more conversation. We headed to the court where action shots were captured and pictures of his workout routine.

Kevin has been well received here in town and certainly the ladies think he is eye candy.  My daughter was excited I was going to meet him and my Facebook page was on fire with comments about Kevin. I must say he is not only handsome but very kind. He thanked me for helping him on set and was very cooperative in whatever the editor and staff asked of him.

I was really looking forward to seeing the CAVS in the playoffs and what kind of magic Kevin could do. Sadly he was hurt in game four against the Boston Celtics and underwent surgery on his left shoulder and will not be part of any more games I just hope the rest of the team can stay healthy and we reach the championships in June.

   I am happy that I have worked with Kevin last November and Kyrie in 2013. Many people ask me if I have met LeBron?The answer is I have been a room twice with him but not formally met. I keep getting closer and before long I feel I will land a project with King James and all the dots will be connected for me.    

Groom time

Photo: Eric Mull

April 15, 2015


 Timing is everything and It is who you know not what you know are sayings that apply to this blog. After a few months of packing up my father’s home and selling it I was looking forward to a few days off. In my business things change as fast as the weather.  An early morning call from a talented photographer friend Cody York had me scrapping my plans to sit around my robe most of the day and head out to a shoot for REEBOK that was taking place in my city 10 minutes away.

  When I grabbed the call I expected the work would be the next day but then I was told the stylist that was supposed to be there had an emergency I was asked to step in. I had 30 minutes to be there, gather my kit and drop my daughter off to school.  Anna was very helpful to assist me on getting out the door on time.  When I left the house I thought I was getting the model ready for the shoot and leaving still having my day but once I arrived I found out differently.

  As I walk into the cross fit gym I am introduced to the crew from Boston and the UK all very happy I could step in so quickly. I set up and ask the producer what is needed from me? I was told my instructions and then I began.  I also ask” How long I was needed that day?” My answer was” All day and tomorrow if possible”? My lazy days just got hijacked and I was completely OK with that.

   The winter time is such a slow period as a stylist. December through March you begin to think all you worked for is gone and then you land a job like this. Scott Panchik and his family own CrossFit Mentality and has worked with REEBOK in the past and on this day they came to Scott right in my backyard. As a freelancer  I try to meet and network with everyone I can, I even try hard to gain new accounts at big companies. It is frustrating at times but on days like this it pays off. 

  I met Cody on a shoot for the Cleveland Clinic where he was an assistant.  Cody is also a very talented sports and landscape freelance  photographer and I worked with him on a job where he needed a stylist. For  this shoot he was asked who he knew locally that could fill in for the scheduled stylist? Cody  thought I was someone that actually would be up, answer his call and possible be able to be there. So as I said in the first sentence it is who you know and that timing was everything on this day. One thing I also learned that is kind of funny you can rest when you’re dead.

On set..,,but can't show the product yet.

Cody and Ricky

March 11, 2015

Girlfriends Night Out

Girlfriends Night Out 

Thursday March 12, 2015

Free event from 6:15- 9:00

Concord Community Center
7671 Auburn Rd. 
Concord Twp. Oh.


* Deposit needed and requires 5 people or more. 

February 6, 2015


February is a cold month we have to heat it up somehow so what about Valentine's Day? I have heard that men prefer women wear RED lipstick more than any other color. A  red shade is sometimes hard to find and kissing in red lipstick is almost impossible. Actress Olivia Munn was just on the red carpet complaining about her shade bleeding onto her skin. Here are some issues with red, if you have small lips and lined them eating might become a problem if you rub your lips they will then look UN even. If you wear red gloss it might get on your teeth while talking.

What should a girl do? My suggestion is to find a red lip color and apply to the lips then blot it down and apply a clear gloss over it.You could find a transfer resistant shade or lip stain as well. With this you can kiss away and leave no evidence on your Valentine. I think sensual scents are important on a date. Working many years in a barbershop as a barber it is good to hear the take on things from the men. Here is another tip, they dislike the smell of baby powder or strong flowers on women. I guess they don’t want to think of Grandma or the kids in the heat of the moment?

I find that Bath & Body Works have some great products that will last on the skin and their massage oil is awesome. Sensual black currant vanilla or lavender vanilla oils can be placed on skin or in bath water. How about some candles? Yankee candles have some amazing scents on the high end of pricing or Walmart has some budget candles than can fill a room with a delightful aroma.

I should note some people might be a hater of this day because they don’t have a Valentine or maybe lost a Valentine. I do get that, but find a way to pamper yourself. Maybe get a massage or manicure and make sure to wear your red lipstick to grab some lunch with family or friends. Who knows maybe you will meet someone while out  and next Valentine's it might be a whole new outlook on the day.

Merlot by FACE atelier

January 1, 2015

Cleveland Magazine Interesting People 2015

Once again, it was Cleveland Magazine’s issue of the Most Interesting People. This year instead of a group photo, we photographed three people in three separate shoots. We have a chef, a news anchor and a football player. The process of scheduling for three individual shots is a lot harder than just one big shoot.

First we photographed Ben Bebenroth: a farmer, chef and owner of Spice Kitchen + Bar and Spice of Life Catering Company. Ben came ready with his farm boots and chef coat in hand. Ben's  home sits on 13 acres of land in Cuyahoga Valley which also is a farm. Ben talks to Kim from Cleveland Magazine about his home, business and family as we got started.On camera Ben holds a few vegetables and knives as props and we have a few laughs. Within minutes the photo needed  has been captured.

Our second shoot was with news anchor Jennifer Jordan from FOX news. Jennifer came in looking beautiful already, just off an early broadcast. Kristen Miller the Art Director had arranged wardrobe for Jennifer but she also brought a few dresses in case they were needed. I helped Jennifer with her makeup and hair. Then there were three dresses to photograph her in and it would be determined later which one would be used. FOX news also sent out a news camera to spotlight her shoot on their program. Jennifer was excited about this shoot and I think she did great.

Our last shoot was with Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer. This was going to be done the day before "THE DECISION" was to be made on whom would start the game against  the Colts Johnny Manziel or Brian. Our shoot was going to be done at the Browns training facility in Berea.  Once we arrived and got checked in we were shown to a very small media room outside the lobby area. Eric Mull set up to do the photographing. 

 When Brian came in he looked sharp in his suit that the magazine requested him to wear. We did some introductions and as Brian was on set Eric said “I had a lot of friends offer to come with me so they could meet you"." People like you.” Brian snickered and relied “Well I am not too sure about today". I looked at Brian's eyes they seemed to be welled up a little. I felt as if he wasn’t taking this decision lightly.

The shoot  was about 15 minutes long and Cleveland Magazine was all in favor of Brian being on the cover no matter the decision. I had joked that there might be a re-shoot of Johnny on Friday. Kristen replied” It will be Hoyer”. The Browns did keep Hoyer for that game but would start Manziel the following week. In my eyes, I am Team Hoyer and he has earned the right to be on the cover because Brian is the hometown guy and this year he has been very interesting. 

November 18, 2014

On a Technicality

Jeffery Grover

The last few months have been so busy that I haven’t had time to write about the projects I have been working on lately. I was asked by my friend Jeffrey Grover to be the key makeup & hair for the new movie he wrote called On a Technicality. Jeff is a veteran actor in many stage, film, and television roles. Now he is taking on this film here in Cleveland. Jeff is not only the writer of the film but an actor, a co- producer, and casting director.

As the stylist, I had a call time of 8:00 p.m. and was scheduled to work until 5:00 a.m. for two nights. This is a much different schedule than I am used to since I generally do print or television work during regular business hours. With past film crews, I haven’t been an integral part of the filming due to the late hours and my kids who are still in need of my assistance preparing for school in the morning.

This project is the first night film I was available to work. Jeff and I have collaborated on projects many times before and he is the utmost professional. He has so many amazing talents that I knew this was going to be worth the late night hours. On a Technicality is the first screenplay Jeff has written. It was conceived after an event involving some friends he met in the 80's while playing softball. This group of five guys, who met in grade school, takes a quirky bet. It celebrates their unique friendship, particularly when one in the group gets young-onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

I, personally, have a great grandmother and late mother-in-law who were stricken with this terrible, mind-robbing disease, so this project hits home. I asked Jeff if he had family or friends who struggle from Alzheimer’s. Although he had not, he does have friends that have family who fell ill with it. In the past, Jeff has also worked with Judson Park on some of their Alzheimer's Disease projects.

With Steve Hacker filming and Andrew Gorell directing, this film will be in post-production this winter. On a Technicality will be a short film under a SAG Short Film Agreement. It will be eligible for submission to numerous film festivals in this category. The cast includes: Brian Zoldessy, George Roth, Scott Miller, Joel Hammer, Lindsey Mitchell and, of course, Jeffery Grover.

The two night filming went very well. The cast and crew were an absolute joy to work with both nights. Jeff did a great job getting such a talented and fun team together. I think I will keep my daytime job hours but if Jeff gets busier doing more films in Cleveland, I might have to rethink that thought. 

Lindsey and Jeff