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September 11, 2012

      A few months back, I opened my email and found a letter from Jason Boyer.  He is the owner of  He wanted to know if he could interview me for his website, which helps students find different careers.  I thought this was an amazing idea and I was on board immediately with the idea.  However, before I could begin, I had to research the website and do some background checking to make sure this was on the up and up.

     After talking to Jason, finding out about him and his company, and seeing his references, it was a go.  I then had to line up a model, find time in the studio, and hope for a nice day.  My first thought for the shoot was creating a modern 70’s look and then placing the model in a classic car.  I started going to car shows, but couldn’t find the right car.  I nixed the idea and went in a complete different direction.   I went shopping for the right wardrobe and asked Jennifer a seasoned model to help out.  Jennifer is tall and gorgeous, so I knew it would come together perfectly. Eric Mull was kind enough to photograph Jennifer and stage what we do all the time, so students watching the how to video get a real feel for it.

    Jason arrived and interviewed me first. I then  proceeded to make her up, walked her through wardrobe, and then on to the location.  I had prayed all week for nice weather to shoot on the roof of our studios 6th floor.  The scene was picture perfect until the bad news came. The superintendent was away and we had no key to the roof.  UGH!  I thought, “Is this really happening?”  As it goes, the show must go on.  I suggested a different location but Eric had another idea, so off we went.

       The location was very pretty and Jason was able to shadow us.  Jennifer was amazing, as always, and Eric rocked the photos.  I feel very grateful to have been asked to be part of  I love what I do and kids need to know the pros and cons of a business before they jump into it head first.  To have the knowledge of the professionals in the industry is so valuable.  My career doesn’t take a four year degree, but I didn’t want to go to college.  Instead, my passion is beauty.  My calling is to be doing what I do now. I am sure of it.

Check out the video to see how the shoot went.

Jason and Me

Jason, Karen and Jennifer 

Eric and Me

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