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November 8, 2012


        For the last ten days, the East Coast has been hit with awful weather.  High winds and LOTS of rain.  In Cleveland it feels like we are living in a Tim Burton movie, very dark.   As a freelance stylist, it is great to set your own hours and rates but the downside is weeks like these.  I had a call to take care of Sean Hannity from FOX National News. The show was going to take place in Warren, Ohio at an outdoor venue.  Just days prior, I received an email that the show was to be cancelled due to Hurricane /Frankinstorm Sandy. Seeing news reports in Cleveland, there was no way a TV show could be filmed outside with the forecast predicted.  Many flights were being cancelled out of New York as well, so staffers at FOX made a good call.

I then had a bride cancel my services for her bridal party and mid-week lost power at the studio where I work, which forced me to reschedule clients.  Now, like many people, I am on an unscheduled vacation with no sun shine.  Extended family and friends are locked in their homes waiting for power/internet or water with no desire for visiting.  You can’t do a beauty spa day with no power.  How do you see the roots on your scalp to apply color on properly?  On a normal day off, one scatters to do laundry or housework but again that isn’t the case for many this week.  What is left?  In nine months, might we see a baby boom?

I take this time to regroup, reorganize, and read.  Forced time off might be a good thing with the holidays closing in on us.  If my calendar has to sit idle a little bit, it is OK.  Everyone is safe here and, by the looks of other cities on the news, Ohio is doing better than most.  I hope people that have lost their family members or homes in the storm find a way to heal.  If you can donate to a charity such as the Red Cross even a little bit can help a family in need.  If you can’t do that right now, keep those affected in your prayers. 

Lake Erie during Sandy

Lake Erie along side of  I90 in Cleveland Ohio during the storm.

Sean Hannity. My work with him was canceled.

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