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December 27, 2012

MIP Cleveland 2013


    Cleveland Magazine has its 2013 Most Interesting People issue on newsstands now. This cover was shot at Eric Mull’s studio where I have been working at for the last eight years. Being on home turf has its advantages, especially for the GREAT natural light. The cover features five of Cleveland's Most Interesting People. Those faces include: Elisa Amigo News Anchor from FOX 8 Cleveland, Julie Foucher runner up in the 2012 Reebok Cross Fit Games, Russ Mitchell News Anchor for WKYC Channel 3, Vanni Wang a fashion designer, and Chef Rocco Whalen restaurant owner.

      I asked my talented cousin Stephanie Johnson to once again assist me on hair duties, so I could focus on makeup. As the art director Kristen Miller showed us the posing of the celebrities, Eric l fine tuned the back drop. Once everyone filed in, we directed them to a place to park and hang up their belongings. As I worked on Alicia, Rocco arrived with many pizzas from his restaurant in hand. After smelling the aroma, I was very disappointed that I have Celiac's Disease and can't eat pizza carry out anymore. Everyone was eager to get started and then lunch followed.

   In the past I met Rocco in our studio, although, he is actually from Mentor, OH where I also reside. I chatted with him about mutual friends as I applied his makeup. Russ Mitchell and I met back in the spring when he first moved to Cleveland. I was on set of WKYC/NBC’s show Good Company and he was a guest that day. He is a real leader in the news business and a true asset to the station. I had never met any of the women before, but found them to be a breath of fresh air.

   Vanni arrived in an AMAZING red dress, which she designed, and wore some very hot shoes for this cover shot. As I worked, Elisa and Russ chatted about recent news stories and Julie was a real sport to try on multiple dresses until one was chosen. As they all began getting into their wardrobes, Rocco’s bow tie started to get a lot of attention as did Vanni’s coat. We wanted to make sure everything is just right.

    I popped in and out of the photo to fix Julie’s hair a few times and then posed as if I was the sixth person in the photo. Eric caught on and I laughed telling Kristen, “I just wanted another cover girl moment for 2013.” The process of getting one to pose seems easy, but it took about an hour before the pizza could be eaten. Attached are some photos from the day. If you get a chance, pick up a copy of Cleveland Magazine and read in detail why these five people are some of Cleveland’s Most Interesting.

2013 MIP Cleveland Magazine

Me and Russ Mitchell 

Rocco with lunch

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