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February 13, 2013

Mascara Mania

 On February 12, 2013 I was on Live On Lakeside WKYC/NBC  to talk about mascara. Below are my tips  about the product  and the link to the segment for  the show.

1. Curl your lashes, make sure they are free of mascara. Use the curler three times on each eye lash. First the root then  shaft and end ten seconds for each motion.
2. Apply mascara at the root, wiggle product as close to lid as you can. Pull product through to the ends.
3. Apply only two coats on the lash,don't let the first coat dry do both coats on the  eye at once.
4. Separate lashes before they dry. 
5. Clean up marks on your eyelids and under the eye if they smear.


1. Don't pump your wand in the tube it will cause air and deposit too much color on the wand causing clumps.
2. Don't hang onto your mascara if you had an eye infection, it will harbor bacteria for another infection. 
3. Don't keep your mascara for longer than three months, it starts to dry out and you also risk eye infections. 
4. Don't pull at lashes while removing. Instead use a saturated cotton pad with remover or makeup remover wipes and hold on the lash for ten seconds, then wipe down and out. 
5.Don't  wear waterproof makeup everyday. It is too harsh and will damage your lashes. Water resistant is a great alternative. 

Another great tip is to wear two different colors of mascara, black on the top lashes three quarters out then  brown on the tips. This will give the illusion of thick and long lashes. 
 Also If your lashes are sparse consider a eyelash growth product.

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