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March 3, 2013

Photography or Instagram?

  Photography has changed so much over the years. Going from black and white photos, negatives and film, to what we have now digital files. Digital photography has become my friend, I can see what touch ups need to be done so that the photo looks great and we don’t need to re shoot. If there is a blemish on a model I will try and cover it, and now with photo shop one click and it’s gone.

   Over the last two years my biggest “beef” is washed out photos. You all know them today as Instagram. Yes, this style of photography is now being used in ads. It tends to be blurry, and washes out colors. Skin tones look ghostly and muted, if you can even see the person past the blur. I feel as an artist “Why is a stylist even needed?” Maybe to clamp the clothes?  Actually the model might not have on much, so am I even needed?

    When images are shot this way, photographers get SO excited. As a makeup artist, I am NOT. Here is why. I apply makeup on a model and prepare her for at least an hour, finding the angles in her face to bring out and shading her eyes so they “POP.”  Then the camera takes a photo and blurs out her features and mattes down all the texture in her skin. It makes me sad. Black and white photos were the start of photography. As a makeup artist doing B&W you learned how to adjust and bring out the best in that person knowing this type of photography will be used. Today many photographers don’t know the images will be muted till post production when the Ad agency or magazine switches it up. Sometimes they do know and don’t have the heart to tell the stylist till after the shoot.

   I rather know in advance. I can adjust colors and tones or I can just take less time to do the application all together because the makeup is not  the focus. I am all in for change. I am all for creativity but as an artist my work isn't  seen. I feel blurry might be good for other subjects just not people. The white wash is good for one thing  vampires; they are all the rage now right?  I just feel with everyone caring around a camera these days taking their own blurry photos and up loading to Instragram, why will people want to pay for a photo session? People need talented photographers and makeup artist to bring out the beautiful and colorful sides of them, not a photo they can capture themselves via their cell phone. Below are some samples you be the judge.

Instagram of me
Photo Credit: Tesh

Jessica for Macy's


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