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August 3, 2012



  Cleveland is one of the leading cities for health care. Kings, sheiks,
politicians and celebrities come to our hospitals to seek care. Around
University Circle, one might feel they are a character in a hospital
show. How does makeup fit into this scene? Here is how. In order
for hospitals to attract you and the king of a county as patients, they
have to advertise it. The best way to do this is to spotlight the staff and
provide evidence that explains why you need to come to their hospital.
In doing so, they prove they are the BEST.

  In the last month, I was hired to take care of two hospitals. I personally
hate hospitals; unless it is to visit the birthing unit. They gross me out
a bit. Let’s face it; the smell isn’t like a department store that is filled
with the aroma of perfume. Sadly, I have also gone there to visit and
left very sad due to a death of a loved one. So when I get these calls, I
tread lightly. Of these two shoots one was held on hospital grounds but
in the research building while the other was in a photography studio, so
I really didn’t have anxiety.

  I find it ironic that the doctors are not fans of mine either; they DON’T
like makeup. Once they see me there, anxiety is written all over their
faces. It is the same look I might have seeing them in their work
environment. I try to joke about pink lipstick on the male doctors as
I apply Chapstick to their lips. I also calm the nerves of the female
doctors by saying I can apply light makeup on them as I do on the male
doctors. They are too busy for makeup most days, so light makeup or
no makeup is what most female doctors are comfortable wearing.

 When the public looks at a brochure or a catalog, one might have it in
his hands 1 to 10 seconds before it is set aside, but it may have
HOURS getting that one image on it. From setting up the set, lighting,
wardrobe, hair adjustments and the actual filming is quit tedious.
Working with a group of doctors is even tougher. They have patients,
rounds, and impromptu surgeries that can arise. So if the schedule
flows well, it is a miracle.

  Both days went very well. Marketing will be seen in U.S. World
Report for one. The other hospital will air on television and billboards.
When someone is sick in our family, we want the best care. We might
not see that billboard the in the days after we hear the news that we
need to find a specialist to treat an illness. Maybe a friend will though
or one might remember an old ad. So the goal is to make a lasting
impression when a medical crisis hits.

  My job is simple compared to their job. If I make a mistake,
Photoshop can fix it. If they make a mistake, someone dies or they get
sued. With baby boomers aging and people living longer, the medical
field will be in business no matter what the economy. With so many
hospitals and doctors to pick from, I guarantee you will notice more and
more doctors made up and styled to attract your business. The next
time you see a doctor on TV, odds are they are much better at their day
job than the ad they are acting in.

March 2012/ Karen Siat  H&MU/ Jason Miller photo credit

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