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October 16, 2012

Beauty Shows

I can follow trends in magazines or on the web, but the best way to experience what is happening in the beauty field is by taking part in it. On Columbus Day I was in Columbus, Ohio at the Premiere Beauty Classic. It is a two day beauty show, in which vendors and educators attend to tell participants what to expect in the coming season.I haven’t been to this show in almost eight years, but know it is always a good one to attend. Many stylists go to shows to get their CE (Continuing Educating) hours for the Ohio State Cosmetology Board.  About ten years ago, the Ohio State Board enacted a ruling that hair stylists needed to keep up their skills by going to classes but, to be honest, I feel it is a ploy to showcase the manufactures and sell their line of products. Some of the classes are not informative and are cut short.  Many are not hands on either.
I hold an Ohio State Barber License as well. When the new law about CE hours started, I put my cosmetology license in escrow. When I went to the beauty supply store, the clerk said, “If you have a license in escrow, I can’t allow you to purchase products.” I laughed and said, “Well I have a barber license I maintain, which doesn’t require CE hours to be completed for the State Board. Why is that? Is it because the barbers (mostly men) don’t want to gather at a hair show on a Sunday when sports are on?” She laughed and said, “You just might be right.”  I now keep my cosmetology license up because I do makeup in salons and need it.
While there, I did take a class on eyelash extensions and I think before long I will be providing this service. I am asked many times a week if I can do this for my clients and think it is time to add it to my resume. The results are AMAZING! An hour class just wasn’t enough for my curiosity.  I have tried lash growth products in the past.  I love the results, but extensions are fast to do and one gets immediate results. During the day, I walked around for hours checking out products, services, and trends. I went alone, so I didn’t have to have a schedule and was able to get in what I wanted to see. The public is not allowed to attend these hair shows.
It is nothing but fun times while people watching at this event. Adults wearing tutus, many tattoos, and bright colored Mohawks around. Loud music was playing at Michael O’Rourke’s booth called Rock your Hair. Michael is an iconic figure in the beauty business.  With his associates in tow, they made haircutting look really cool on stage. Paul Mitchell had an amazing stage where they, too, brought their best talent out to educate stylists. Hair extensions, self-tanning products, teeth whitening products, and henna art proved to be hot booths to visit as well. I’ve attached some photos from the day for you to enjoy because it was a closed door event. I wish I had more, but I didn’t want to invade anyone’s space for the sake of my blog. Just take my word on this… if you decide to go with blue or pink hair this fall, try the fake color removable extensions first because you may not want to look like Katy Perry full time.

Rock your Hair

Blue Mohawk

Paul Mitchell


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